Using These 5 Google Tips You Can Protect Secure Your Account and Prevent Hackers

With each passing day, technology is more a part of our lives and much of our personal information is on the internet. With that in mind, Google listed a series of tips to increase online security and prevent hackers.

Malicious people don't suddenly invade our accounts. Typically, attacks occur after security breaches caused by the users themselves, and to prevent this there are several features created with a focus on cybersecurity.

Learn how to protect your account from hackers

1 - Avoid using the same password for more than one social network or website. Many users make the mistake of using only one password for fear of forgetting access if they have more than one. To solve the problem, Google offers the Password Manager, a tool that in addition to saving access, also allows the user to see how many accounts use the same password, if access is considered strong and if there was any data leak that exposed the security key.

2 - Another extremely important step to prevent malicious people from taking action is to activate 2-step verification in your accounts. The action prevents an attacker from entering your account with only the password, as entry will only be allowed after a second login confirmation.

Within the Google account, the function is available through a notification on the cell phone, codes created by the Google Authenticator, text message, or even a voice call on the cell phone number previously registered.

3 - Google warns users to beware of phishing attacks, those where hackers use fake websites or links to request personal data. Typically, these attacks are carried out via links sent by email or messages, pretending to impersonate companies or offering prizes and gifts.

To avoid this type of action, Google offers Safe Browsing, which protects about 4 billion devices worldwide, by sending alerts from untrusted sites. Gmail also has its own feature to prevent attacks, which blocks up to 100 million phishing attempts.

4 - It is important to remember to keep your devices locked when you are not using them, this prevents third parties from having access to saved apps and accounts. Google also warns users to keep browsers and operating systems on their devices always up to date so that possible security errors are frequently corrected.

5 - It seems obvious, but Google asks Internet users to download applications from official stores, as they have security systems that identify and block false applications. The Google Play Store, present on Android phones, uses Google Play Protect, which performs a security check on applications before they are downloaded.

Ready! Now you know the best way to protect your accounts and personal information from hacker attacks.

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