Superman and Batman: classic films will get sequels in comics

The DC Comics will launch proceedings in comic movies "Superman" (1978) and "Batman" (1989) on the 27th of July. The publication of both works will be done first in digital format, while the printed editions will be published between the months of August and October.

The two comics will have a stylistic adaptation of the two blockbuster films - with color tones, ambiance and characterization of Batman played by Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeve's Superman.

The stories will start exactly where the films ended, bringing new narratives to add even more to the universe of the plots. New characters will be introduced and points left open in the original storyline will be explored.

The undertaking is nothing new for DC Comics. The comic book giant had already released adaptations for the Wonder Woman series (1976) and the Batman TV series (1966). Source: Shutterstock

DC Comics' new Batman publication will retain the gothic, realistic style of Tim Burton's universe. The work will feature the text of Sam Hamm, screenwriter of the 1989 film, and the art of Joe Quinones. The artist promises the introduction of a new Robin in the plot and an innovative characterization of the villain Two-Face, who promises to get as close as possible to the magic of cinema.

In the case of the new “Superman '78”, writer Robert Venditti and artist Wilfredo Torres will develop new stories to be added to the universe created in the film directed by Richard Donner. The color tone and style of the work will be preserved.

The first six chapters of each series will be published in July. Over the next six weeks, new chapters will be progressively launched on the publisher's digital platforms.

In addition to the release of the printed versions between August and October, special hardcover editions of “Batman '89” will also be published in October, while that of “Superman '78” is for November.

Check out the covers designed for the works:

“Superman '78” cover. Image: DC Comics / Disclosure

Cover of “Batman '89”. Image: DC Comics / Disclosure

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