Super Follow: Twitter launches new resource for exclusive content

Twitter will soon allow users to give Super Follow to accounts where they want access to exclusive content. In this way, adopting an approach similar to the Patreon platform, the social network seeks to earn more money and give creators an opportunity to win as well.

The news was announced at a virtual event held for investors and may be available later this year.

Twitter will include paid and exclusive content

This is the first time in some time that Twitter has announced significant changes to its platform. However, the news seems to have arrived and, if you know Patreon, you will see him in this release.

In the beginning, this year the new Super Follow functionality may be available, which will allow users to charge a monthly fee for the exclusive content they wish to share. This can be delivered in the form of a tweet in the creation of private groups, through other elements, such as newsletters, or access to discounts.

For those with sufficiently inviting content, this service may be attractive, but I suppose it is difficult to deliver large payments to the average Twitter user.

Said Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight.

Anyone interested in giving a Super Follow to any account (s), knows that it will possibly imply a monthly charge of $ 4.99.

Exploring audience funding opportunities, such as Super Follows, will allow creators to be directly supported by their audience and will encourage them to continue creating content that their audience likes.

Explained Dantley Davis, leader of design and strategy.

Maneuver to influence revenue streams

Twitter was launched in 2006, but recorded its first annual profit several years later, only in 2018.

In reality, there are not many ways, within the social network, that stimulate revenue. Therefore, investors have insisted that the company act in this direction and launch a subscription-based resource in order to increase profit.

Twitter is unquestionably looking for ways to drive new revenue streams with the new service.

It revealed Well Wood.

In fact, in addition to the news, Twitter revealed that its financial target is $ 7.5 billion for 2023. This figure is well above its 2020 revenue of $ 3.7 billion.

This novelty has been received mixed by users. In fact, the media consultant, Matt Navarra asked his users if they would be willing to pay for a concept like Super Follow, with 85% saying no.

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