Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4: What Are The Advancements Of The Newest Generation Of Smartband?

The Mi Band 5 brought some changes to Xiaomi's popular smart bracelet, like a bigger screen, more sports monitoring and some new functions. But what, after all, changes from Mi Band 4?

In the next few paragraphs, Canaltech explains all the differences between the two generations of the smartband to help you understand if it is worth exchanging yours. Understand all the advantages and news of the Mi Band 5 compared to the Mi Band 4.

Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4: design and screen

Mi Band 5

Little has changed in the new generation of the smartband, and it is not very easy to identify which is which by looking at both. But there are considerable differences when looking more closely, and in practically all aspects, starting with the screen and dimensions of the box, which has increased a little.

Xiaomi kept the AMOLED panel brightly colored and energy-efficient but went from 0.95 inches to 1.1 inches. The resolution also had an increase in the number of pixels, which was 120 x 240 pixels and now reaches 126 x 294 pixels, that is, it got a little higher, with more pixels in general, to compensate for the larger size. The brightness also reaches a slightly higher intensity, from 400 nits to about 450 nits.

The dimensions of the box on the Mi Band 4 are 46.8 x 17.8 x 12.6 mm, and the Mi Band 5 is 47.2 x 18.5 x 12.4 mm, a very small difference, but fundamental for a house a slightly larger display. The weight was reduced from 22.1 g to 11.9 g, that is, the new bracelet weighs just over half of its predecessor.

Mi Band 4

The look itself has changed little, but now the case is no longer so easy to get off the bracelet, and it doesn't even need to, since charging is now done with a magnetic connector. On the Mi Band 4, it was necessary to remove the box to insert it in the charger. The bracelet itself does not change anything, it is silicone with the same clasp - but it is good to note that bracelets of the fourth generation do not fit in the fifth.

Moreover, Xiaomi has not changed anything from Mi Band 4 to 5, maintaining the same protection against water, up to 5 ATM, that is, it can be immersed up to 50 meters, and the screen is still touch-sensitive with a single capacitive button at the bottom to aid navigation.

Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4: functions and connectivity

In connectivity, nothing changes: Bluetooth 5.0, one of the newest, stable and low latency versions of the wireless connection, was already present in the Mi Band 4 and is also available in the Mi Band 5. The long-awaited NFC did not reach the global version of the Xiaomi smartband, which also has no Wi-Fi or mobile network.

Mi Band 4 also monitors steps, sleep and heart rate, in addition to allowing the user to control the music on the phone. In the new generation, in addition to all these features, Xiaomi included the control of the camera of the cell phone, for you to take photos or record videos using the bracelet as a trigger and, for women, it monitors the menstrual cycle.

As for physical activities, elliptical, rowing, exercise bike, yoga and jumping rope activities were included, increasing to almost double what could already be monitored in Mi Band 4. The list of activities present in both generations completes the list: treadmill, exercise, running outdoors, cycling, walking and swimming.

Mi Band 5 vs Mi Band 4: Drums

Mi Band 4 and Mi Band 5 chargers

Battery capacity has been reduced from 135 mAh to 125 mAh, and total usage time has dropped from up to 20 days on standby to up to 14 days under the same conditions. It is still a very good time away from the plug, and the Mi Band 5 has the advantage of being easier to put on to charge since it has a cable with a magnetic connector, which eliminates the need to remove the case from the bracelet.

The charging time is the same, staying in about 2 hours to go from 0% to 100%; Neither version has a plug adapter in the box, only the cable, which can be connected to any USB port, whether on the computer, an outlet or an adapter that comes in the cell phone, as long as the latter is certified by Anatel.

Which is more worth it?

Considering the few advantages of Mi Band 5 to Mi Band 4, you can evaluate the price difference between the two to make your choice. Unless, of course, some of the new features are essential, and then take the opportunity to take the latest generation and maybe just think about making an update within two years.

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