Gmail: Quick tips to better manage your inbox

Your email account inbox can be a real mess. Not only because of the number of emails to be read but also because of the way it is configured. There are small changes that could make all the difference to improve the management of the inbox, in this specific case, Gmail.

Without wasting too much time, put these tips into practice.

# 1 - Adjust the density of the number of emails

In the inbox, by default, emails are viewed with the sender's name, subject, and attached files. All this information means that, on small screens, you cannot immediately see many of the e-mails received, making it necessary to scroll to discover them.

So, to have this information more condensed, you must click on the gear (upper left corner) to access the Settings. A sidebar with quick settings will open. This is where you should select the high-density option.

# 2 - See unread messages first

Having emails open and others to open all mixed, for those who receive many messages daily, can be a tremendous confusion. So there is a simple and quick way to separate these messages.

In the same Quick Settings menu, under Inbox type, you will then have the option: Unread messages first. It will be the one to choose or any of the others that best suits your use of email.

# 3 - Panel divided horizontally or vertically

Depending on the size of the screen where you view the email, it is possible that you are not in the best configuration for that. If you only see the inbox, it may not be the most efficient, since each email you need to read will open a new page, having to go back to read another email.

If you have a vertical or horizontal division (the adjustment should be made according to the size of your screen and your preference), you can open emails without leaving the same window, which makes management much simpler. As shown in the image, this choice is made on the arrow just below the Settings.

# 4 - Minimize the main menu

Despite being very useful, the main menu, for those who essentially deal with messages in the inbox, ends up taking up useful space for reading e-mails.

With one click it is quick to minimize or maximize it, as needed. Right in the upper right corner, just click on the 3 horizontal bars. As the image shows.

# 5 - Use advanced search to find an email

To access this type of search, just on the Search Bar, click on the arrow that appears in front. Then a box with several parameters appears. So, just fill in the desired parameters and proceed with the search.

This is a simple way to search without needing to know a series of commands available for searching, but only in English.

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