Benchmarks of the alleged Apple M1X processor may indicate that Apple is already in testing

Apple launched its M1 processor last November. This has a 5 nm construction process, 8 dedicated cores, and offers performance above that of the market. Low energy consumption, the longevity of batteries, and the promise of powerful machines. Apple quickly put it on the market on its MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini. Now, it is expected that other products will also be equipped with this processor or with its improved version.

Thus, Apple will already be testing its new processor and the alleged specifications of the Apple M1X chipset that appeared online. These could be indications that Apple will already be testing new products with this SoC.

Apple will already be testing the new Apple Silicon M1X SoC

Apple recently launched its M1 chipset, the company's first processor in the Apple Silicon line, based on the ARM architecture. Subsequently, the company launched three Mac devices equipped with the M1 chipset, starting Intel's transition to its own chipsets.

This year, the company is expected to launch another Apple Silicon SoC and a few other Mac devices. Although Apple has yet to officially reveal anything, an alleged "information leak" appears to be giving clues to what lies ahead.

The successor to the Apple M1  was seen online on a benchmarking platform. However, it seems that the specifications of the chipsets are more of protection than of results, therefore, we will consider this information only as an appetizer.

According to the report, the chipset, which is called “M1X”, will come with a 12-core CPU, an upgrade over the M1's eight-core CPU. The internal graphics processing unit (GPU) should also have 16 cores instead of an 8-core GPU on the M1. It is expected to have a frequency of 3.2 GHz and will be based on a 5 nm process, just like its predecessor.

Despite not being able to confirm much more than these details, the revealed specifications should only be a “pre-sample” of the “M1X” chipset.

What could Apple launch soon?

According to what was seen last year, the Cupertino company is expected to transition from Intel processors to its Apple Silicon. Thus, all your computer lines will be able to receive the new M1X.

Rumors advance with some suggestions, such as, for example, the next 14-inch MacBook Pro, another 16-inch MacBook Pro, 27-inch iMacs, and eventually other machines that may receive chips with 16 and 32-core graphics processing.

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