YouTuber Improves Battlefield 1 Graphics with Ray-Traced Reshade

This year, DICE is due to release a new part of Battlefield after a hiatus of several years, which allowed Call of Duty to further strengthen its position with the release of one of the most popular battle royals and the incredibly popular mobile version of Call of Duty. However, there are still millions of Battlefield fans among gamers, and they are all eagerly awaiting how the DICE team has spent the past years. 

We don't yet know the setting, scale, or features that DICE will use to win over the audience, but what you can definitely count on is impressive graphics. Including through the use of ray tracing. It has already been used in Battlefield V, and video cards are getting better at handling rays.

In the meantime, we are waiting for the announcement and the first details ... unless, of course, the coronavirus spoiled all plans again, you can take a look at another fan experiment with ray tracing using the example of Battlefield 1.

YouTuber AD Massicuro recently posted a video that used Reshade Ray Tracing to add improved global illumination and omnidirectional illumination. Plausible reflections immediately appeared, and tessellation received its own small upgrade.

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