Would you buy a PlayStation 5 like this? PlayStation 5 Slim posing on video

Much more compact than a regular PS5 and with a purple DualSense controller

The launch of the PlayStation 5 can hardly be called cloudless: the console was scolded for many "glitches", for noisy fans and hot memory chips. And although despite all this, the PS5 is selling like hotcakes ( more than 4 million sold in a month and a half ), Sony is probably already thinking about new versions of the console. According to rumors, the PlayStation 5 Lite is due out in the second half of 2021. She is a PlayStation 5 Slim. A possible design for this set-top box is shown in the concept video.

Surely such a PlayStation 5 would have been received with more enthusiasm than the current one. After all, the original model came out very large. However, in this case, questions remain about the cooling system: if a regular PS5 heats up decently, then what will happen to its thin version? But the purple DualSense controller looks interesting. However, here you can welcome any colors other than the standard ones.

There is no confirmation yet that the PS5 Lite / Slim and PS5 Pro will appear in the near term. One can think that while the demand for the PS5 itself remains high, Sony will not dare to release other versions of the console. Demand, to a greater extent, is promised to be satisfied by the end of the second quarter of this year, which means that new PS5 variants can be expected either by the end of the year, or already in 2022.

Source: Twitter

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