Unusual PS2-style Sony PlayStation 5 sold out almost instantly, creators are "horrified" by the level of demand for DualSense controllers alike

A group of enthusiasts called SUP3R5 has announced the pre-sale of a special edition of the Sony PlayStation 5 for those who love to indulge in nostalgia.

However, almost immediately after the start of accepting orders, more precisely, 18 minutes later, it was announced on the official SUP3R5 page on the Twitter social network that all versions of the consoles were already sold out - both with and without an optical drive. The separately offered DualSense controllers also exploded very quickly - in 20 minutes.

Recall that the unofficial modification of the PlayStation 5 Retro-Inspired is made in the style of PS2 and is complemented by a DualSense controller in the same style. The kit was priced at $ 649. A total of 304 kits are planned to be released. The DualSense Retro Inspired controller was separately available for $ 99. Volumes are limited to 500 pieces.

As the creators of the project noted, they are "horrified" by the level of demand - in total, 54 thousand applications were submitted from users. Yes, this is a couple of orders of magnitude more than the planned supply volume. The possibility of issuing additional batches has not yet been announced.

Deliveries are scheduled to begin in late spring 2021. The manufacturer's warranty must continue for such a console. But for the controller, the modification will invalidate the warranty.

Source: TechRadar [+], SUP3R5 [+]

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