"The Office" became the most watched TV series of the year on streaming services in the United States

Analysts at Nielsen have compiled a list of the 15 most-watched TV series of 2020 on streaming services in the United States. Views counts from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney +.

The Top 15 topped the series "Office" with 57 billion minutes viewed by service subscribers. Supernatural, which ended in 2020, came in at number seven, while The Mandalorian came in at 13th.

    1. Office
    2. Anatomy of passion
    3. Think like a criminal
    4. Ozark
    5. Marine Police: Special Department
    6. Shitts Creek
    7. Supernatural
    8. Lucifer
    9. Shameless
    10. Crown
    11. Tiger king
    12. New girl
    13. Mandalorian
    14. Blacklist
    15. The Vampire Diaries

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