“The CEO was stolen” Intel, VMWare Pat Gelsinger joins new CEO

Intel announced that it has hired Pat Gelsinger, who currently serves as the CEO of VMware, as its new CEO starting February 15th. Gelsinger, an IT industry veteran with 40 years of experience, replaces the current Bob Swan. VMware has embarked on a search for a new executive, and now CFO Jane Lowe has announced that she will be the interim CEO.

In his announcement, "Pat led VMware to expand its core virtualization business and expand its capabilities to cloud, networking, 5G/edge, security, etc., and raised sales to nearly threefold, to $12 billion." VMware will continue to focus on helping customers optimize their digital infrastructure.”

Gelsinger had been working for Intel for nearly 30 years, and he had the conditions to become a CEO as well as CTO. However, he left for EMC in 2009 and has been in charge of VMware since 2012.

At Intel, Gelsinger helped develop key technologies such as USB and Wi-Fi, and helped Intel become the dominant microprocessor supplier. According to career information, Gelsinger played an important role as the architect of the original 80486 processor.

VMware led various transformations, and the last achievement was to support the Kubernetes environment with VMware's Tanzu solution.

But Gelsinger seems to have to tackle a fairly difficult task at Intel. The CNN business said Intel is in a difficult state under Swan. It was also hit hard when Apple announced that it would use its own processor in the new Macs”

The Wall Street Journal published a letter last December from activist hedge fund Third Point LLC CEO Daniel Loepp to Intel's chairman, who said, "Intel's crisis could threaten the entire US IT industry." Pointed out. Loeb argued that alternatives should be considered, such as selling some of the acquired companies or separating design and manufacturing.

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