PS5 performance is on par with GTX 1070 Ti

Last year, Digital Foundry conducted a technical analysis of the PS5 version of Assassin's Creed Valhalla versus the PC. It turned out that the performance of the console in the game is on par with the RTX 3060 TI. However, upon closer examination, everything is not so simple.

Tech blogger Steve Burke of Gamers Nexus has made detailed comparisons between PS5 and similar PCs across games. According to tests, the new Sony console performs at the performance level of the GTX 1070 Ti and the Ryzen 3300X processor.

Burke tested platforms in Devil May Cry 5, DIRT 5, and Borderlands 3. Console performance varied depending on the title. For example, in Devil May Cry 5, the console performed worse than the GTX 1060, and in DIRT 5 it was at the level of the GTX 1080.

Based on these results, Burke made the following conclusion. The PS5 is not a top-tier gaming machine, but an affordable living room console that rivals the performance of a PC five years ago.

It is worth noting here that the test did not take into account ray tracing, which could radically change the results in favor of the PS5. It is also worth considering that a direct comparison between PC and PS5 does not really matter.

It's not about the number of available capacities, but about optimizing the game for a specific platform. Therefore, for example, ray tracing in Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS5 works better than in Call of Duty: Cold War.

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