'New' Shortcut Extension Program That Dramatically Reduces Google Document Editing Time

Here are some gifts that are perfect for Google Docs users. It's a novel new shortcut system that's a step forward that can be added within the Google Docs website. Going beyond the basic options already built into Google Docs, you can perform advanced tasks in a command-line format more like Slack. After a few days of using it myself, it can be said that it changes the way you use Google Docs for the whole better.

It is a new Chrome extension called gSweets that provides this shorthand. When you open a document in Google Docs after adding ZSweet to your web browser, you'll see a nice new gray prompt at the beginning of every new line.

This prompt tells the user almost everything they need. Like Slack, if you press the diagonal ( / ) key on the keyboard anywhere in the document, commands pop up. Among them, you can quickly and simply choose the next one to enter.

Changes take effect immediately by pressing the Enter key.

But wait! You might think it's a function that overlaps with the keyboard shortcuts built into Google Docs itself. right. Overlaps with Ctrl-Alt-1. Still, it is much easier to find and memorize functions in this way, especially if it belongs to a system of shortcuts similar to the productivity tools used today such as Slack.

Some of JiSweet's'other' shorthands aren't that easy to do with the Google Docs option. An example is /table. Entering the required number of rows and columns together (e.g. /table 5x5, /table 3x2) will make a new table of any height and width look great right on the spot.

Google Docs also opens up entirely new possibilities for using commands that don't exist at all by default. For example, typing /unsplash allows you to search for free stock images on <Unsplash.com> without leaving the document you're working on or downloading it yourself. After entering the command directly in the document, you can follow the type of image you want to find.

When you select the desired image from the search results, G-Sweet confirms that you have selected the right one.

Now just hit the insert button and a pretty new picture will come into your document.

Similarly, typing /gif allows you to search for animated GIFs in Giphy in the same way and insert them directly into your document.

Also, /emoji is, as you might guess, a command related to emoticons. Among the numerous emoticons, it allows you to directly look at or search for ones that will add appropriate liveliness to your very important business documents.

There are not so many possible works in G-Sweet yet, but the basic idea is impressively good. Also, the options that exist are very useful. The concept itself is very practical, so it feels like a natural addition to Google Docs as it should have been.

Best of all, it has more features to come. According to G-Sweet co-founder and product management expert Jeremy Kobaek, features such as Google Docs Dark Mode, which can be managed with diagonal commands, actions that allow you to easily adjust document sharing permissions, and on-demand access to a collection of custom information and templates, will come out. It is said to be scheduled. Kobak and his partner, developer and designer Christoph Ness, hope to introduce many of the same concepts to Google Slides someday. 

Currently, the extension is completely free to use but ultimately plans to introduce a premium model. In other words, the basic features will continue to be available to anyone for free, but some advanced options to come will be provided to optional premium plan users. Eventually, a group rate system for companies and the like may be introduced.

Looking at the always-important privacy section, GSweet requires access to view and change the Google Docs website. This is because, as you might guess, it is impossible to operate and operate without that kind of permission. Access to user email addresses is also required. (It is said that it is only for customer service purposes.) However, the creators firmly insist that this extension program is conscious of personal information protection, does not check the contents created by users, and does not collect or share personal information in any way.

Overall, GSweet is an impressive productivity add-on that makes Google Docs easier to use and feels more modern. It's a thoughtfully crafted ingenious software that is well worth watching, especially considering the promises in the future.

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