New AMD driver includes support for Hitman 3 and Quake 2 RTX

AMD has released a new driver for its graphics cards that brings support for Quake II RTX and Hitman 3. In IO Interactive's stealth shooter, the driver is designed to improve performance by 10% for the RX 6800 XT.

Theses about other changes:

  • Radeon Software now shows the correct version of installed drivers
  • Recording and streaming indicator no longer reset 
  • Reflections in GTA V are displayed again with the Reflection MSAA option enabled
  • DOOM Eternal (Steam version) crashes should stop
  • Fixed content recording on Radeon RX Vega video cards
  • Monitors now work correctly with the RX 6000 series, previously they could show a black screen for no apparent reason

In the next update, AMD should fix a number of other issues that it did not manage to solve this time. This applies to Metro Exodus crashes with ray tracing enabled, brightness flickering in some games, and more.

Driver 21.1.1 can be downloaded from the official AMD website or from the Radeon Software Settings menu.

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