iPhone 13 Pro would exclusively use Samsung OLED LTPO displays

A curious rumor arises around the two variants of the inevitable iPhone 13 Pro: its LTPO OLED display at 120 Hz will be manufactured by Samsung.

2021 will be an important year for Apple. It's iPhone 12 is enjoying great sales in its main market, the United States, but it also indicates that its successor model will be even more interesting.

We are not going to lie, the iPhone 12 represented an important evolution as it was the first generation to fully enter 5G networks. But outside of that, there were innovation and design factors that Apple fans missed.

The obvious expectation is that the next model breaks with that trend and now we do see a terminal that radically marks a before and after. What no one would expect is Samsung to help achieve that goal.

Samsung teams up with Apple

A report from the THELEC site claims that Samsung would be the exclusive supplier of the LTPO OLED displays that will be the centerpiece of both iPhone 13 Pro variants.

LTPO panels are more energy-efficient than current LTPS. A key advantage is that they can have an adaptive refresh rate without the need for additional hardware.

So the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max could then have a 120Hz refresh rate with the latest technology.

The same report states that the most basic variants of this smartphone would continue to use LTPS-type screens. So they would not enjoy that same range of performance.

This alliance with Samsung would be temporary and because for now, it is the only company capable of meeting the demand they require for the new generation of devices.

In theory, by 2022 they are expected to join forces also with LG to fully migrate to the use of LTPO panels.

This kind of agreement is very common. Samsung, LG, and even Sony have been suppliers of parts for the iPhone for quite a few years.

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