Insider believes Fallout: New Vegas 2 and TES 6 will be released in 2025-2030, Fallout 5 is not in this decade

Tyler McVicker, also known from his YouTube channel Valve News Network, said that he received a lot of information regarding the sequel to Fallout: New Vegas. In a recent video, he revealed how he plans to expand his format beyond Valve, and hinted that he is preparing a video dedicated to New Vegas 2.

In addition, the titler stated that he has data regarding the Switch Pro, as well as Nintendo's plans for the Mario and Zelda series. He claims to have information on Avowed and Back for Blood. And most of all data on Fallout 76, Starfield and Deathloop.

It is not entirely clear what kind of information Tyler has at his disposal and how true it is. He mentions The Frontier - this is the name of the recently released mod for New Vegas with a mountain of content, plot, and new mechanics.

The insider wrote on his Twitter:

I'm looking forward to Fallout: New Vegas 2 in the second half of the decade. Looking forward to The Elder Scrolls 6 in 2026-2027. I'm only looking forward to Fallout 5 in the 2030s.

Starfield will be [Bethesda's] next game, but even it needs another year or two.

I expect FNV2 in the latter half of this decade. I expect TES6 in 2026-7. I expect anything close to a Fallout 5 in the 2030s.

Starfield is next, and even that needs another year or two.

- Tyler McVicker (@Tyler_McV) January 19, 2021

Naturally, you shouldn't take this information at face value. Moreover, such conclusions can be reached by analyzing the current situation. When Bethesda finally becomes part of Microsoft, it means that the company will receive additional funding to continue the development of Starfield without haste. The fact that TES 6 will not be released soon has been known for a long time, and a potential sequel to New Vegas makes sense since Bethesda and Obsidian are part of Microsoft.

One way or another, but expect a flurry of games from the core Bethesda team is not worth it. 

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