Home failure of Sony PlayStation 5. Japan sets anti-record - worst launch in Sony history

Sales will be less than half of PS4 results

International sales of the PlayStation 5 are breaking records and the launch is the best in Sony history. However, in the Japanese home market, the console set a very different record - the worst launch in history.

Yes, that's right, in Japan, the PlayStation 5 had the worst-selling record at launch. This is stated in a note by game analyst Hideki Yasuda of Ace Securities. By the way, Hideki Yasuda back in February 2020 predicted the failure of the Sony PlayStation 5 in comparison with the PlayStation 4. 

So, according to the analyst, in the first six weeks in Japan, 240 thousand consoles were sold, which is significantly less than the results of any Sony console at the time of the start of sales - from the original PSOne to PS4.  

Of course, it is worth considering the limited supplies - the set-top box has become a real shortage. However, according to the analyst, such a result indicates a loss of Sony's value in the Japanese market, which will lead to a significant loss of the PlayStation brand in the country. 

The analyst expects that in Japan, during the life of the console, half the PS5 will be sold than the PS4. 

Source: WccfTech

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