Graduate Student Park So-Hyun, Miss Maxim Contestant Photoshoot Terribly Went Wrong In Swimming Pool

Graduate student Park So-Hyun (@hyunniestyle), a participant of the 2020 Miss Maxim contest, landed in the quarterfinals with 6th place in the mid-term voting of the Miss Maxim contest. The Miss Maxim contest is hosted by Maxim, a men’s magazine, and is a model selection contest in which the public can participate and seize the opportunity to make a model debut.

Park So-Hyun, an icon of Jae-Sek-Gyeombi, who is about to graduate from graduate school, said, “The contest application was when I was writing the graduation thesis. It was a bit difficult to run the contest and graduate school at the same time. Fortunately, I submitted the final thesis a while ago, and now I am a bit comfortable.” “I applied for a contest because it would be a good opportunity to take great pictures in my life, but now my social media followers have increased significantly, and I am also receiving inquiries. It seems to be a turning point in my life.”

Meanwhile, Park So-Hyun suffered a dizzying situation when shooting the concept of “Swimsuit”, a mission to advance to the quarterfinals. She prepared a white bikini and dyed her hair brightly with the determination that “I think I’ve only shown a graceful image so far, and I’m trying to show a bright and sexy figure.” However, because this white bikini was too thin, an unexpected situation occurred when entering the pool, and when I entered the pool, I changed to a pink bikini that I had prepared in a hurry. The filming ended safely but succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals with 6th place, lower than expected.

The Miss Maxim contest held every year by the world’s leading men’s magazine MAXIM is a contest where anyone can get a chance to make a model debut, regardless of age, height, or occupation. During the contest, pictorials of the participants are published in the Korean version of Maxim, some of which are selected as exclusive models and continue modeling activities at Maxim, while appearing in broadcasts and advertising models, etc., will be active in various fields. The final winner of the contest will be on the cover of the December 2020 issue of Maxim.

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