Facebook to unveil domestic 'blood donation function' in cooperation with the Red Cross

Facebook introduced a 'blood donation function' on domestic Facebook from January 27 to encourage participation in blood donation stagnated by Corona 19 in cooperation with the blood management headquarters of the Korean Red Cross and to help stabilize blood supply and demand for patients in need of blood transfusion. Announced.

Since the first release of the 'blood donation function' in 2017, Facebook has supported users' blood donation participation through collaboration with blood donation centers and related organizations around the world. As of December 2020, people who registered as blood donors on Facebook said it exceeded 85 million people. The blood donation function is currently available in 28 countries around the world, including the United States, South Africa, and India, and the application countries are continuously expanding. 

Facebook users can search for 'blood donation' in the Facebook customer center or register as a 'blood donor' by using the blood donation function in the 'Information' tab of their personal profile. The blood management headquarters of the Korean Red Cross can send a notification through Facebook when there is difficulty in supplying blood due to a decrease in blood donors and blood reserves, and the notification is sent to people who have registered as 'blood donors' living nearby. If the 'blood donor' who has confirmed the notification is willing to participate in blood donation, he or she can participate in blood donation by contacting the nearest blood donor home. 

Facebook Korea CEO Ki-Hyun Jeong said, "We hope that the introduction of this blood donation function in Korea will fulfill the social responsibility of a social platform that expands the good influence of individuals, and contributes to the stabilization of the medical system suffering from Corona 19."

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