Cyberpunk 2077 players are trying to solve the biggest mystery - who is Mister Blue Eyed?

After completing Cyberpunk 2077, a catharsis ensues: you have just completed a massive game with intertwined storylines, having studied all the pieces of history. But this does not mean that after the end there are no mysteries left - at least part of the story includes various hints, but no specifics. Perhaps this riddle haunted you after the end of the game.

In video games, we often see powerful characters who remain behind the scenes, pulling strings from there and manipulating events. Ji-man from Half-Life. Ghost from Mass Effect. And Cyberpunk 2077 has its own mysterious puppeteer - Mr. Blue-Eyed

The character got his name thanks to his bright and memorable blue eyes. The best part is that you can complete the game without ever meeting this mysterious man. And even if they saw him, they could miss a lot. Let's take a look at the mystery surrounding Mister Blue-Eyed and explore what the players have been able to uncover so far.

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Attention! This content includes Cyberpunk 2077 spoilers!

People with bright and glowing eyes are a common sight in Cyberpunk 2077. Every implanted person's eyes begin to glow whenever he receives an incoming call or connects to a terminal. The situation is similar when transferring funds to Vee's bank account.

At the same time, you see glowing eyes while talking to the doll, which is essentially a human being used as a kind of hands-free system and communication with others. Don't want to be present at the meeting in person? Send the doll and communicate through it. It turns out that the glowing eyes indicate that the person you are talking to is not actually the one standing in front of you. So why are Mr. Blue-eyed's eyes glowing?

You can meet him when you receive a certain ending for Cyberpunk 2077: a man hires V to steal data from an orbital station. But some keen-eyed gamers were able to see Blue Eyed earlier, during the Bunraku mission.

This is one of the best side quests in the game. Vee must help Jefferson Perales, who is running for mayor of Knight City. It turns out that his apartment has long been under surveillance, and almost certainly the mayor is being manipulated from behind the scenes. Worst of all, strangers are trying to flush and reprogram Jefferson's brain. The probable reason is the refusal of the politician to cooperate with corporations, and therefore they are forced to look for ways of pressure.

Johnny Silverhand's theory related to this situation (he voices it at the end of the mission) - the AI ​​of the attackers is trying to take over Jefferson's brain, changing his behavior and beliefs. Another option is possible when some mysterious clique of people wants to control the mayor to such an extent that it is ready to completely rewrite his personality. We will never find out the truth, although in some endings of Cyberpunk 2077 Jefferson still wins the election, calls V during the end credits and shares his fears regarding the fact that his wife Elizabeth is also involved in the conspiracy.

Let's go back to Mister Blue Eyed. At the end of the Bunraku quest, on the way to meet Jefferson in the park, V receives a phone call from an unknown person. He threatens and demands to stop "digging". Then the screen darkens and V falls to the ground, making it clear that the person on the other end of the line can harm V remotely. An alarming turn of events, as if there weren't enough guests in your head, but when, after a few moments, you communicate with Jefferson, if you look around, you can see Mister Blue-eyed in the distance, watching the meeting.

Looks suspiciously like Ji-man. If you install a mod that allows you to fly, then you can get closer to Mister Blue-Eyed. But you can't kill or harm him in any way. And after the meeting, the character will disappear.

You may also notice that there is an unusual ring on the index finger of Mr. Blue-Eyed's right hand.

Guess who else wears a ring with the same emblem and on the same right finger? Jefferson Perales is a brainwashed mayoral candidate who, in accordance with the threats just received, you must not divulge anything.

Interesting. Perhaps these two are part of some kind of brotherhood or organization? Or is the ring an important part of the brainwashing process? Could this ring be used by Mister Blue Eyed to mark his brainwashed victims? Or is Mister Blue-eyed himself under the control of an AI attacker who is also slowly rewriting Jefferson's identity?

Similar rings can be seen in several other characters in the game, so we can assume that this is just an asset that periodically pops up at random moments in the game and appears in the hands of various NPCs. But this may indicate something more. If you have chosen the past of the corporation, then you will see a similar ring at the agent of "Arasaki", who bursts into your life during the first mission and, in fact, puts an end to a career within the corporation. Another guy with the ring can be seen during the story mission and the specific scene when V has to sit down at the table and talk to Johnny. Perhaps this is a random NPC, or maybe he was following you. In any case, the ring for riddle lovers is an important detail that is used when searching for answers.

There is another character who wears a ring. And you could hardly suspect him of anything. Next to Misty's shop is a seemingly insane guy named Prophet Gary, who attracts the attention of passers-by with his conspiracy theories. Yes, he has the same ring.

If you stop several times to listen and chat with Gary, you will eventually hear about the beings from the Alpha Centauri star system controlling politicians. "You can recognize them by their cold blue eyes," adds Gary to the fact that they are covered in synthetic leather and try to look like humans. Of course, apart from that, Gary is talking complete nonsense.

However, there is a possibility that Gary is simply misinterpreting some things. He claims that a faulty chip is embedded in his head, and thus he can connect to the channels of aliens that use older technologies. According to Johnny Silverhand, the surveillance device in Jefferson's apartment is based on old data transmission technologies, so it cannot be intercepted by modern equipment. Perhaps Gary just went crazy hearing all these distorted broadcasts. However, Mr. Blue-Eyed is indeed connected with space. At least, this is indicated by one of the potential endings of the game, associated with the orbital station. Therefore, what Gary considers to be an alien spacecraft may in fact be complex in orbit.

If you discuss various conspiracies with Gary, in the end, you will receive a quest to find a mysterious chip, which the members of Maelstrom must give to the mysterious couple John Doe and Jane Doe (such names are displayed when scanned). Interesting. But when you return to Gary with the chip, it will no longer be in place. According to one of the prophet's disciples, he was abducted by agents in black suits ... with glowing blue eyes. This completes the quest. By decrypting the chip, you can learn about the mysterious Oracle Project.

But why does Gary wear the same ring as Mr. Blue Eyed and Jefferson Perales? Is Gary just a puppet used by unknown people only to foil Doe's plans to acquire the chip? Perhaps all this was staged, and no one kidnapped Gary at all? What if Gary is an analogue of the laughing man from Ghost in the Shell, the same puppeteer hiding in plain sight. 

Mister Blue-Eyed's mystery may even be linked to Vee's first serious work in Cyberpunk 2077. Corporate netrunner Sandra Dorsett has been captured by the Scavengers, and Vee and Jackie are sent to rescue her. As a result, they find the girl lying in an ice bath (her eyes flicker with blue colors), and then give her to doctors. Later, you can get an additional task related to the search for the Dorsett memory module, which contains detailed information about brainwashing and control over corporations through a mysterious AI. This is very similar to Johnny's theory of Jefferson.

Mister Blue-Eyed may also be associated with another main character from Cyberpunk history - Morgan Blackhand, the personal character of Mike Pondsmith, who created the board game of the same name. There is no Morgan in Cyberpunk 2077, although data miners discovered that in the game files Mr. Blue Eyes is recorded as Mr. Blue Eyes and Morgan Blackhand - MB and MB. And the fact that according to the lore of Blackhand has not been seen since 2023 does not mean that he really was gone. He may be hiding somewhere. Johnny has risen from the dead, so why not do the same to Morgan?

All this forms an intriguing mystery, filled with many unconfirmed theories and assumptions. Perhaps, Mister Blue-Eyed is a person controlled by some AI, or maybe he is not a person at all, but some kind of android controlled by an AI. Or even an alien, as Gary claimed. It is possible that he is indeed a powerful man, the chief puppeteer of Night City.

Maybe future additions will raise the veil of secrecy over this enigmatic character. 

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