Black PlayStation 5 with retro design turns into disaster due to threats

A few days ago, SUP3R5 started selling black PS2-style PlayStation 5s for $ 649. She planned to implement 300 consoles and separately 500 DualSense controllers. The goods were sold out in twenty minutes from the moment of launch, but this cannot be called a success. Due to technical problems with the site and the activities of dealers, SUP3R5 began to receive threats from consumers. As a result, the company had to cancel all orders and curtail its activities.

As soon as the black PS5 in the PlayStation 2 style started selling, SUP3R5 started to crash. Demand, as with the standard versions of Sony's new console, exceeded supply. People were debiting funds from their cards, but order confirmation did not come. Moreover, resellers were able to purchase consoles. This is confirmed by ads that have appeared on third-party sites offering to buy a black PS5 with a PS2 design.

This state of affairs upset some individuals so much that they began to threaten SUP3R5 employees. The company said this in an official statement: “Our team began to receive serious threats. We treat such threats with full responsibility. We are not prepared to risk the safety and well-being of our team or the consequences that the delivery of your order may result in. All existing orders will be canceled with a subsequent refund. You will be notified when this happens."

SUP3R5 has already deleted its Twitter account and, apparently, will not return to its previous activities anytime soon.

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