A new batch of PS5 will arrive in Russia in early February

Sony has posted a message on its store website for those who are still expecting a PS5 console. According to the company, pre-orders are closed again, and a new batch will arrive in Russia in early February.

At the moment, we have closed pre-orders for both versions of PlayStation 5 consoles and are working on already placed applications. The new batch of PS5 consoles will arrive in early February 2021. For those who have already made an application without payment, we will, in turn, start sending letters with a proposal to make a payment. After making payment, we will place your order and transfer it to the delivery service.

There are more waiting consoles than there are, and there are different queues for different console versions [regular and digital]. Because of this email with an offer to pay, users receive unevenly. Please do not be discouraged if you have not received such a letter yet. We ship them on a first come, first served basis, and you will definitely receive it too. No one is left without the coveted PS5.

Sony has also posted a small FAQ. The main thing is that the waiting list depends on the time of the pre-order and the status of the customer's account.

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