Samurai vs. Bombers in New Humankind Trailer - Release April 22, 2021

SEGA and Amplitude Studios unveiled a new 
live-action trailer for 
Humankind during The Game Awards 2020  He sneers at the clash of different cultures and technological eras that often occurs in 4X strategy games.

Africans in Rome, samurai against bombers? In  Humankind, this can easily happen.

Trailer music: classic "In the Cave of the Mountain King" by Edward Grieg.

In addition, Amplitude Studios has announced another OpenDev demo of Humankind for everyone who pre-ordered the game. From December 15th to December 28th, you can play a scenario in which 40 cultures and four historical eras are available.


Bring together up to 60 historical cultures and lead your people through the ages, from ancient times to the present day. Starting the game as a small tribe in the Neolithic era, get to the ancient era as the Babylonians, then meet the classical era of the Maya civilization, enter the Middle Ages as the Umayyads, write the history of the New era as the British, and so on. Each culture brings its own characteristics to the gameplay, so the options for game scenarios are almost endless.

Humankind will be released on April 22 on PC and Stadia.

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