Create Twitter threads without any distraction with Typefully

Create Twitter threads without any distraction with Typefully

Twitter threads have become a great way to tell stories or talk about any topic in an organized way. Instead of sending isolated tweets, we have the possibility of integrating everything in a single conversation that can be read comfortably. However, while we create them we can get too distracted by what is presented on the timeline.

In that sense, we want to present you a tool that will allow you to create Twitter threads without anything to distract you. His name is Typefully.

Create Twitter threads without losing focus

Create Twitter threads without any distraction with Typefully

It is normal that when we are writing a thread for Twitter, something interesting appears on the timeline and we stop for a while. This causes us to waste time and it takes much longer to create the thread. Thinking about this comes Typefully, a service where you can concentrate 100% on creating a thread.

The idea behind this service is to provide an area where the only view is the thread we are creating. In this way, we avoid being distracted by the elements that appear in the timeline while we are writing. It should also be noted that it is a completely free service and to use it, you will have to grant the permissions of your account.

This is the first thing it will ask us when entering the website, so, once it is done, you can start writing your thread. The interface is divided into 3 vertical spaces, where the first one from left to right shows the threads that we create. Right next to it you will have the composition area where you can start writing whatever you want.

Finally, the final column shows us a preview of how the thread will look once it is published on Twitter. Typefully eliminates distractions by providing a space dedicated solely to creating the thread. So if you need to boost your productivity and get that thread up and running quickly and looking good, feel free to give this service a try.

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